Commit to Creating a Welcoming and Safe Climate
for CSUF's Asian Pacific Islander Community

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Along with the rest of the nation, our campus community is continuously learning what it means to be actively anti-racist and how to apply anti-racist behaviors as a matter of everyday practice. In this journey, we have come to believe that systemic-level racial justice requires development and growth for every Titan, including those of us who are trained in this work and appointed to lead it.

As we boldly condemn xenophobia, anti-Blackness, and racial injustice in its many forms, we acknowledge the need for action to address the immediacy of ending API hate that has increased over the last year. As such, we invite our campus community members to take this pledge of solidarity with the API community.

While this pledge is responsive to the recent and ongoing egregious acts of hate, violence, and discrimination against the API community, we see it as one step of many toward social justice for our campus. We acknowledge that one pledge will not eradicate systemic oppression in its many forms. To that end, we invite our many cultural communities to co-create similar acts of solidarity and support.

We as a Titan community recognize the following:

1. There is a history of anti-Asian hate in the United States. What is happening today is the result of generations of systemic oppression and decades of struggling against prevailing stereotypes, such as the “perpetual foreigner” and “model minority.”

2. White supremacy negatively affects many communities, resulting in hatred and discrimination toward members of other marginalized groups.

3. Solidarity and coalitions are the keys to resistance efforts, particularly those against discrimination and hate-motivated actions. We must all stand together to support API communities. API students, faculty, and staff cannot do this work alone.

CSUF has two bodies that focus on support, education, and uplifting the APIDA community – the Asian American Pacific Islander Faculty & Staff Association (APIFSA) and the Asian Pacific American Resource Center (APARC). Both provide support and resources to all members of the CSUF community, especially API students, faculty, and staff. Please reach out if you need support at either aparc@fullerton.eduOpens in new window or apifsa@fullerton.eduOpens in new window .

The Pledge

Below describes the CSUF API pledge. These steps will help us to create a more welcoming community and help stop the hate being perpetuated on these communities.

1   Sign up for the pledge

2   Follow the API pledge on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with hashtag #CSUF4API

3   Join the Asian Pacific American Resource Center contact list for updates on student programs and resources or Asian American Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association for faculty/staff.

4   Engage in at least one educational or community task from the list in the CSUF API Pledge.

5   Indicate on the pledge which activities you completed.

6   Optional: Post a photo or video of yourself completing the activities and include the hashtag!

7   Receive a virtual badge and a physical badge for display on campus.

Names of those who have signed the pledge will be listed on this site.

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For more resources please visit:

  1. OC Human Relations Hate Crime Report and Confidential Hotline for reporting hate crimes in Orange County. Translation services are available in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Lao, Thai, Hindi, Gujarati, and French.
  2. The Importance of Reporting and Speaking Up PDF File
  3. Bystander Resources
  4. Stop AAPI Hate - the nation’s leading coalition documenting and addressing anti-Asian hate and discrimination amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The center tracks, shares, and responds to incidents of AAPI hate and violence in the U.S. 3,800+ Incidents in the last year.
  5. Anti-Asian Racism, Anti-Asian American Racism, COVID-19, Humor, and DEI
  6. Cal State Fullerton University Police Services
  7. CSUF Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
  8. CSUF Dean of Students


If you have any questions about this pledge please reach out to diversity@fullerton.edu .

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