Effort & Progress

CSUF’s commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond stating actions. We are committed to sharing the state of our campus climate, concerns, and updates on our progress in making CSUF a safe and welcoming space for ALL Titans. Check here for updates on initiatives and action plans.

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Spring 2021

Date Summary
Jan. 11 2021
  1. The recruitment effort for the 2nd class for of Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Academy will begin this week. This is focused on MPP employees.
  2. In the reporting of faculty hires, it was noted that the College of Engineering and Computer Science hired what is believed to be their first African American.
  3. The Introduction of Racial Equity program that is facilitated by HRDI was done with the Division of Information Technology
  4. In an effort to create space for conversations, the University DEI Work Group sent a message to the committee and division regarding the events in Washington DC. They also hosted Zoom sessions where employees could talk and express their feelings about the events of the day.
  5. The Diversity Initiatives Resource Centers (DIRC) hosted several gatherings for students to discuss the activities in Washington DC. There was a strong focus on the contract between the manner law enforcement and others managed that event vs. the Black Lives Matter protests.