Our Commitment

The leadership culture at California State University, Fullerton mirrors the inclusive, collaborative and diverse environment we aim to achieve in our classrooms, offices, shared spaces and throughout the communities we serve.

Since its founding in 1957, the University has kept these tenets at the heart of its mission and sought new ways in which its students, faculty, staff and administrators can harness the power of shared governance and transparency to further elevate the institution and the lives of all Titans.

We recognize that our diverse campus community is made up of some of the most intelligent and innovative minds in the world: bright, creative faculty, staff and students whose potential transcend their job description, resume, background or degree. We consider it our collective responsibility to nurture this potential and ensure that every Titan has a voice at the table and a vested interest in having it heard. As educators and leaders, we feel it is equally imperative that we listen and contribute to the campus-wide dialogue that emerges, empower our colleagues to transform that conversation into strategic initiatives that align with our University-wide mission, and hold them accountable for the work they’ve committed to.

All of our recent work and success — from the hiring of an increasingly diverse and high-quality faculty and staff to the 24% improvement in six-year graduation rates for first-time freshman — is the direct result of this student-centered leadership culture grounded in the institution’s founding principles. While we take pride in celebrating these achievements and honoring those who made them possible, we recognize our ongoing duty to reach higher to better uphold our commitments to shared governance, collaboration and to our diverse students, whose best interests are central to every decision we make.

That is the leadership culture of the Titan Family, and we are proud to wield its power in our ascension toward becoming the model public comprehensive university of the nation.